We are delighted to announce that, JM Medical Assistant Training School (JM-MATS) is now open in the center of education and medical facilities of Chittagong, Chawkbazar, with (comprising) a huge campus area for the MATS Course for your children. It is also accredited from and registered at Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Registration no- 2-496). So the students, passing this course will receive a BMDC certificate. We offer experienced Teacher panel, Library, Anatomy & Physiology lab, Pharmacology lab and various hands-on training facilities in different clinics and hospitals from 2nd year alongside their curriculum courses. Our students have achieved the 100% success rate in their examinations, in previous years. We aim to provide a curriculum that perfectly balances theoretical knowledge along with practical skills. We don’t consider education as a mode of business but to serve people and mankind. (To us, education is not a mode of business but a way to serve mankind). We provide the best value for money. Our entire education expense is much lesser than any other MATS curriculum in Chittagong with similar facilities to ours. We have established a commodious/ huge premises with an area of 7000 Sq Ft on the 4th floor of KB Plaza in the most valuable place named Gulzar more, Chawkbazar in the heart of Chittagong.(Our huge premises with an area of 7000 Sq Ft is located at the heart of Chittagong, the most lucrative of all, Gulzar more, Chawkbazar). We hope that your children will not have to be jobless even for a single day. In sha Allah, by the grace of Almighty, they will secure a job for themselves within their course running period in one of the hundreds of hospitals and clinics of Chawkbazar. I hope and expect you to visit and judge our institute before getting admitted to any other MATS in Chittagong. As we all want the best for our children and we are certainly the best option you can ever aspire of. We will appreciate your kind presence.


With best wishes and thanks from-